StrapSnap™ the best bra strap holder, clip, & concealer.

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StrapSnap™ is a peel & stick bra strap holder, clip, & concealer that's easy to use, super comfortable, machine washable (and dry-able), that's designed to last the life of the garment. StrapSnap does what other bra strap holders, clips, converters, or retainers fail to do. It installs in seconds, and comfortably keeps your bra straps where you want them. 

  • Our custom fabric adhesive works with all common fabrics types!
  • Easily installed into any garment in seconds.
  • Microfiber so comfortable you won't even notice it's there. 
  • Micro snaps are durable, snap together and apart easily yet are so small you can wear a shouldered bag and forget you're wearing them!  

StrapSnap works for bra straps up to 3/4" in width and garments with a shoulder Strap width of 1 1/4" or bigger! 

Every woman has experienced the annoying feeling of bra straps that peek out beyond their sleeveless shirt or dress...we reach up and push them back in, over and over throughout the day. 

Customer Reviews

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Linda Koral
great idea - but didn't work for me.

the main thing that didn't work was that the sticky tape STAYS stuck to your shirt/top and when your body moves, the bra strap does NOT - it stays stuck to the shirt.

I have SUCH a problem with one shoulder strap ALWAYS falling down and I was hoping this would be the answer. It's not very easy to fiddle with the snap and the strap - I would suggest doing that BEFORE you put the shirt on.

OH WELL - great idea - -didn't work for me, sadly.

Sandra Cooper
Not received

I cannot comment as I have no product

Vikki Jenson
Best Product Ever

Been looking for something like this for years. Have tried pins, velcro, double sided tape, and lots of other things to help with the straps. So glad to finally have something that works!! Thank you.

Did not adhere to my shirt.

I used the black StrapSnap last night, and after an hour or so the first strap came off the fabric. I tried again, and came off the fabric. The adhesive was completely gone. The same happened with the second strap. And that was only one use. I can't imagine how this can be reused. Needles to say, I am very dissatisfied.

Jackie Haines

I haven’t used them yet, but the concept seems ideal.