StrapSnap  is a peel & stick bra strap concealer that's easy to use, super comfortable, machine washable (and dry-able), and designed to last the life of your garment. We've put together this page to answer some questions about StrapSnap! If we don't any answer questions here that are burning to be answered feel free to reach out to help@tangolooks.com and we'll be sure to get back to you within the day! 

How do I install StrapSnap? 

StrapSnap is as easy to install as putting on a band-aid. You just peel the backing, press it firmly into your garment and our custom fabric adhesive does the rest. 

Where should we place StrapSnap?

We place StrapSnap on the underside of the shoulder of a sleeveless piece of clothing. Check out the illustration above! Place the adhesive parallel to the cut of the shoulder so that the StrapSnap runs perpendicular to your bra! We keep StrapSnap close to one side so that when we wrap and snap our bra straps everything stays hidden under our clothing exactly wear we want it! We'd love to show exactly where to place it in all sleeveless garments but the truth is with all of our beautiful unique bodies and clothing there's not a one place fits all solution. No worries though, none of our testers have had any trouble finding the sweet spot! 

Is StrapSnap Reusable? 

Each StrapSnap is good for one garment, but it's machine washable, and dry-able so it can stay in the same garment! We've tested StrapSnap successfully for well over 100 wash/dry cycles with certain fabric types. Just press StrapSnap firmly into the fabric of your garment before washing/drying!

What fabrics does StrapSnap work on? 

We've successfully tested StrapSnap on dozens of different fabrics. Our custom adhesive works well across a variety of fabrics for most common fabric types. StrapSnap has been used by women around the US who have had great success with their clothing! That being said fabric texture, cut, dies, and blends can all effect StrapSnap's ability to stay on through wash/dry cycles. For example a thick nappy sweater won't work with StrapSnap because it'll just pull off the fuzz. If in doubt just give it a test! 

How do I remove StrapSnap?

To remove StrapSnap just peel it off before putting in the laundry, just know that it won't stick or bond to another garment after it's already been used! StrapSnap can often peel off cleanly after it's been washed & dried, however different fabrics behave differently, so we recommend to do it before it's washed as our fabric adhesive bonds more substantially after a wash/dry cycle.

What's StrapSnap made from?

StrapSnap is made from super soft microfiber, our custom peel and stick fabric adhesive, and stainless steel micro snaps. We kept it minimal, using quality materials to give you a super comfortable bra strap concealer that lasts, works perfectly, and is so nice you'll forget you've got it in your clothing!