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I was so tired of constantly adjusting my bra strap. Seriously love the StrapSnap, now I put them in all my sleeveless shirts!

-Sharron Mackey

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Tired of fixing falling bra straps?

Keep your bra straps where you want them with StrapSnap, the most simple and comfortable bra strap holder, that actually works! Peel the backing and stick the StrapSnap into clothing, then wrap and snap your bra strap! It's that easy.

Tired of your bra straps showing?

Here's why women everywhere are loving StrapSnap the best bra strap holder, clip, & concealer on the market.

✅ Super easy to use, peel & stick installs in seconds!

✅ Keeps your bra straps exactly where you want them, all day long!

✅ Machine washable & dryable, stays in your clothing to use every time you wear it!

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Find out why women everywhere are loving the StrapSnap, the best bra strap holder you'll ever use!

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Our Story

TangoLooks is a women’s fashion brand that creates meticulously designed apparel and accessories to help women walk through life with confidence. Every. Damn. Day. 

We are thrilled to share StrapSnap, the best bra strap concealer on the planet. StrapSnap is our flagship product, we've been developing, and testing StrapSnap with hundreds of women from across the US. They've helped us create a product you're going to love.

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